Friday, September 11, 2009

Excuses, Excuses!

We are all full of excuses aren't we? I have been lazy and I admit it. I have not written an article in a few weeks, and I am just riding out what I already have published, which is really an astonishing amount. I have 102 articles on, and they are all earning every month, even if I don't work hard at it.

I really want to set a goal of getting 150 -175 articles on eHow by the end of the year. I think that would seal the deal on making a minimum payout every month there.

I also added a Hellium article onto the Traffic Swarm website to see if that would make a difference. So far I think it has made a big difference in my income on eHow, I usually go up about .50 a day and there are days when I only go in and rate few articles and return comments for a few minutes. It's nice that after all this time I begin to see the residual income side of this monay at home deal! I am not planning on quitting my job anytime soon, mind you, but every dollar these days helps to be sure!

As soon as I get going again, my articles will all be here for viewing pleasure, so please check them out and become a follower of my blog! I will certainly return the favor...