Monday, November 30, 2009

Another wonderful surprise!

WOW! I was approved on a really good article today over at Info Barrel! I got the overview approved for the Food and Dink page! This page alone had over 1480 hits when I recieved what I guess is ownershil of it. This is cool, and it makes me want to write more for the site and see what happens.

Just to keep this little Blog consistant, I should announce my earnings for the month. This month I earned about $35 from eHow and That's OK with me, by the way. The money is in Paypal. I would like to earn more, though, so I am just going to keep on trying.

Hope this finds all who read it well.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exciting News!

I was THRILLED this morning when I went to my newest writing site ( and found that I had an important article approved!

In searching around the site I found a list of "things to do", most of which were to write "overviews" of topics already on the site. Of course the one that jumped out at me was the oppotunity to write an overview on the topic of Restaurants.

This was one of my toughest articles to write yet. InfoBarrel does not just accept the crap you can post on eHow, and even though I know a lot about the restaurant business, an overview of a topic is something quite different. What they seemed to need for this article was a description of the TOPIC of restaurants, a challenge to do in about 500 words or less!

Here's the good news...

My article has had over 140 hits already!!!! That's because it is a topic overview, and anyone looking to write under that subject has to go to the topic's home page, and I get credit for every click! Some of the topics (and therefore the overview article) get hundreds of views a day!!! I can't wait to write more of them.

As a matter of fact, I already submitted one. On the subject of WRITING, if you can believe it. I was really surprised that no one had written an overview of this topic yet, since it such a popular subject for online writers these days. I have submitted, and ams holding my breath that it will be approved. It would be huge for me to have this article on such an up-and-comming site!

Here is a link to the Restaurant Overview page...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drumroll please...

And here it is, folks, the newest site for articles that doesn't seem to be a rip off like eHow...!

I just joined InfoBarrel ( ), and I hope that anyone who stumbles along into my humble little blog will join up as well! I have only four articles posted there right now, but I can already see that they are much better put together than eHow.

I was not immune to this weeks eHow article sweeps. I only lost one, but it just pisses me off so much, because their reasons, when they even give them, are just so random! They told me this article was removed because it wasn't in How To form! How can you even post the article if it isn't in How To form????? I'm earning very little there anyway, so I may as well give Info Barrel a try.

These are the articles I have written for them at this point...

Only one of these articles was written for another site, too. I tried to be original, because I think it will help me start writing more. There are so many different ways to write an article other than in How To form, so it will be nice to stretch myself a bit! I even made a few friends there, so now I just have to traffic my articles there instead of eHow and see what happens!

Hoping that this post finds all who read it happy and writing! Have a great day!