Friday, February 27, 2009

For anyone new who decides to stop by...

I realized this morning that I have been sending more people to my blog through MyLot, and just in case anyone decides to read this blog for the first time, please feel free to check out some of the older work, as I have been posting for a few months now about things I learned about making money from home, and I've learned a little along the way!

If you have come here looking for a referral link to any of the sites that I write on, I really appreciate it, and here are the links:

To join Associated Content (free): please use the link:

To join Bukisa (also free): please use the link:

To join, just go to the site at

Thank you again and have a great time writing for some extra cash!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take a look to the right...

I have just figured out how to show my eHow articles on this blog, and I'm not crazy about how it looks, but I guess the point comes across well enough! I have 50 articles published there, and I am finally seeing a JUMP in the balance. I may even make payout next month at this rate! I appreciate anyone who stops bu to look at my blog, and please feel free to comment and leave a message.

I am also still making money on MyLot, which is keeping my spirits up as I wait to make bigger money on other sites, and I found a magazine that I can submit my recipes to for consideration, and they pay $50.00 (plus a free t-shirt!) if they publish you. Pretty cool...

Thanks! Laura

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My balances are going up...

Well I haven't been here on my blog too much because I've been over at MyLot watching my balance go up. I'm still never going to earn a living doing this, but it is very fun to post and get paid for it! There are so many different types of discussions that go on there, but some of them are just so silly that you don't even bother responding to them.

I did write a few new articles for eHow, and my balance over there took a jump as well. At this rate, I may make all my money back for this whole verture by the time I'm 50. I definatly will NOT be making money by doing paid surveys. That was the hugest scam ever, but I will say that it taught me something about what is out here on the World Wide Web. Frankly it's mostly people who want your money, time and information, and I'm just not down with that.

Back to the real world for now though. I'm going to work while there is work to be done for a few friends of mine and stop sitting at my computer trying to do what everyone else out in the world is doing! Publish a comment and I will be happy to comment back!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Lot is a lot of fun!

This is definately a site where you can make a few extra dollars for doing what you love. I have found out a lot of new things by reading and posting to discussions, so give it a try if you already aren't a member! It's free!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This might be fun...

I have now recently found a fun new site to try for a while. It's called, and its all about starting and commenting on discussions. If you want to join, please use this link... I have read a quite a few discussions from this site, and there are people making money on it, so I'll play around there for a while. I made 10 or so posts so far and started a discussion, and I now have a balance of $.01 in my account! Sign me up for that cruise!

If anyone is new to my site, and doesn't want to read too far down the blog, I also write articles on eHow - How to do just about everything, and also on
I write under the name LJBINKOP on all of the sites that I listed here, so check me out! I think you do have to "join" eHow, Buskia and Associated Content, but they are free. I have a variety of articles on everything from Gluten-Free Living to Parenting Advice.