Monday, January 11, 2010

The eHow Scam

Wow. I have been so surprised by what has been going on over at eHow that I just forgot to write about it! I think I should be thankful and just take this recent experience as another good lesson in writing online and trying to make money with it!

So today the big news finally came in from eHow on how they were dealing with NOT PAYING their writers for their duplicated articles on the ehow UK site. I think the end is coming soon for eHow over this one.

Personally, I remain feeling lucky amidst other who are less so. I think it would be great if all of the people who have been writing their hearts out for eHow, with their sub-standard payout system, to get what they deserve back. Class-Action Suit anyone? I'll sign.

I have not really lost a lot in this deal. My articles never really took off over at eHow because I had no idea how to promote them at the time. Now I know more and I write for Info Barrel. I learned a lot at eHow, but now I move on.

My articles, I think at this writing, will stay live there until they are not. I don't have a problem taking in a few bucks a month for doing nothing. That is what this whole gig is about, right?

Hope all who find this blog are well and earning money writing online!