Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Info Barrel: Is it the real deal?

Well to answer that question first, I will say I think YES! I have been enjoying this new Info Barrel experience. I have fifteen articles up at the time of this writing, and I am so far encouraged. Here are a few things I've learned in the past two weeks about Info Barrel.

  • Info Barrel is a pretty new site, which is great, in my opinion. One of the things I just can't stand about eHow is that there is just so much CRAP on the site! 300,000 articles, indeed! Maybe 1/3 of those articles have any value, and now it just seems like a crappy site where people are trying to promote themselves more than the information they are writing about. To site an example, the front page of eHow the other day was "How to Use a Wii to Stay Fit". This has been so overdone, it wasn't even worth reading.
  • Speaking of writing, I have to say that the QUALITY of the articles at Info Barrel seems much better than at eHow. I think that is because eHow will put any piece of junk up on their site just to keep it really active in the search engines. At Info Barrel, you have to et your article approved, which does take time, but if it saves the site from tons of poorly written articles on the smae topics, I'm OK with it!
  • I think the money potential is really there at Info Barrel. I know that it took a while to make any money at all over at eHow, but I have already seen a SMALL jump in my Google Account in the few days since I got it up and running properly. I signed up for Chitika, too, at the suggestion of Info Administration, so maybe I will see some money from them, too.
  • The fact is, if you want to make money writing for Article Submission Sites, you have to write a LOT of articles. A few good articles may be good from your standpoint, but the real way to make money is to write a BUNCH of QUALITY articles, use good keyword placement, back-link other articles to eachother and market the hell out of them. it takes time, but I see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I am happy that Info Barrel has recently added a Forum, or at least I just noticed it yesterday... I think this is important to make friends, but it has been hard so far because the only way to communicate at Info Barrel is to comment on an article and hope the person sees it and comments back. eHow's Forum was pretty good, I think. At least it was Active, especially this past year with kinks and bugs galore!!!

If anyone finds this little blog, please feel free to comment! I will check out your Blog in return.


  1. I love your insights into eHow. I've been having my own doubts of late. eHows of the day on vetting a vampire, buying a football stadium, taming Tiger Woods...please! Your near-by fellow writer, Joyce

  2. I agree with your points about eHow, too. I deleted all of my articles a few weeks ago and joined InfoBarrel. Info Barrel is very open and responsive, and generous with their revenue sharing. I expect Info Barrel to become what eHow only claims to be.

  3. So great to find a site where it feels good when you publish an article. You're right about InfoBarrel, it is a refreshing change from the other one which is losing quality writers daily from what I'm seeing. But it was a good starting point and now, on to where quality matters!

  4. I like how you think. Now we know eHow has been profiting off our articles on the ehow UK site at our expense. I'm not going to delete but I'll not add any more until they fix things. Better to focus on blogs and other projects.