Saturday, February 21, 2009

My balances are going up...

Well I haven't been here on my blog too much because I've been over at MyLot watching my balance go up. I'm still never going to earn a living doing this, but it is very fun to post and get paid for it! There are so many different types of discussions that go on there, but some of them are just so silly that you don't even bother responding to them.

I did write a few new articles for eHow, and my balance over there took a jump as well. At this rate, I may make all my money back for this whole verture by the time I'm 50. I definatly will NOT be making money by doing paid surveys. That was the hugest scam ever, but I will say that it taught me something about what is out here on the World Wide Web. Frankly it's mostly people who want your money, time and information, and I'm just not down with that.

Back to the real world for now though. I'm going to work while there is work to be done for a few friends of mine and stop sitting at my computer trying to do what everyone else out in the world is doing! Publish a comment and I will be happy to comment back!

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