Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This might be fun...

I have now recently found a fun new site to try for a while. It's called, and its all about starting and commenting on discussions. If you want to join, please use this link... I have read a quite a few discussions from this site, and there are people making money on it, so I'll play around there for a while. I made 10 or so posts so far and started a discussion, and I now have a balance of $.01 in my account! Sign me up for that cruise!

If anyone is new to my site, and doesn't want to read too far down the blog, I also write articles on eHow - How to do just about everything, and also on
I write under the name LJBINKOP on all of the sites that I listed here, so check me out! I think you do have to "join" eHow, Buskia and Associated Content, but they are free. I have a variety of articles on everything from Gluten-Free Living to Parenting Advice.

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