Monday, August 17, 2009

August is halfway done...

This has also been kind of a slow month, but I will definitely make payout on eHow, so I am happy about that! I can't wait for the kids to go back to school, so that I can get back to writing again! There aren't enough hours in the day.

When I started wring last December, I had no idea that I really could end up making money doing it! I didn't even know when I joined Web Colleagues that this was what I was going to be doing! I guess I really owe it to those guys that gave me the idea (and the eHow site) in the first place. I would totally recommend them, mainly for the help their course gave me on how to start a blog and all of the technical stuff that I learned in the process. I really could have been scammed, though, so anyone starting out really needs to be aware that most sites are just trying to get your money, at least in the beginning. Everyone wants to make money online, but it is much more time-consuming and difficult than people make it seem! Not to mention the marketing aspect!

Marketing my articles has been the hardest thing to learn, and it is the reason that I don't make a LOT of money doing this article thing. It takes time and effort to become a part of a community like eHow and Hellium, and you really have to keep up with it in order to get page views. This in and of itself takes time. I am glad to have been recommended to the Traffic Swarm site.

Click on that link above and start getting more views for your eHow articles! I spend about 10-15 minutes a day clicking on other people's sites, and now that I have been doing it for about a month, I feel OK recommending the site to others without fear of it being a scam! My earnings have gone up, no doubt about it, so give it a try!!!

Hope this post finds you happy and earning big! Have a great day!

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