Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July was a bit slow...

I had a great time in July, but I cannot say I made what I consider to be my normal amout of money as far as online writing goes. I did not make my eHow minimum, but I only missed it by about a dollor, so I will most certainly get paid at the end of August. I will also perhaps make a little more from Hellium, I am still not sure how one gets paid there, but I do see my balance going up almost every week, and I don't even publish there very much.

I have found Hellium to be a good site, though. I like the way they are set up in the fact that you can search any subject, look at titles and get ideas for articles, even if they will be for another site! I never copy articles, mind you, but researching subjects is a great way to get ideas of my own!

I was really annoyed at eHow this past month, to be honest. I stopped writing for a few weeks after TWO of my article ideas were used by eHow Editors and ended up getting featured on the Home page. It was SOOOO obvious, too. I put up an article called How to Clear Out the Clutter and don't you know that one week later an eHow editor had an article about uncluttering your life, and it was featured????!!! I was mad, but not as mad when the next week I wrote and article named How to Plan Ahead and Eat Healthy and sure enough a few days later an eHow editor was featured yet again with an article called How to Plan Ahead and Eat Healthy!!!!!! I was so mad I stopped writing, but I did go back and just wrote a few new ones just to keep in practice.

How to Get Better Restaurant Service

How to Go to the Beach on a Budget

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Vegetable Garden

How to Make Cheez Whiz Sauce

If you have time check them out, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


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  1. Hello from Ehow. I am now following your blog. Thank you for the great ideas here and there. i will definately check out Helium as well.