Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drumroll please...

And here it is, folks, the newest site for articles that doesn't seem to be a rip off like eHow...!

I just joined InfoBarrel ( ), and I hope that anyone who stumbles along into my humble little blog will join up as well! I have only four articles posted there right now, but I can already see that they are much better put together than eHow.

I was not immune to this weeks eHow article sweeps. I only lost one, but it just pisses me off so much, because their reasons, when they even give them, are just so random! They told me this article was removed because it wasn't in How To form! How can you even post the article if it isn't in How To form????? I'm earning very little there anyway, so I may as well give Info Barrel a try.

These are the articles I have written for them at this point...

Only one of these articles was written for another site, too. I tried to be original, because I think it will help me start writing more. There are so many different ways to write an article other than in How To form, so it will be nice to stretch myself a bit! I even made a few friends there, so now I just have to traffic my articles there instead of eHow and see what happens!

Hoping that this post finds all who read it happy and writing! Have a great day!

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