Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's the new plan to make money!

I know that i have only been writing for a month or so, and I really have been enjoying it, but I think I may give Paid Surveys a try! I found a site (you can check it out in my ads on the right panel...) that gives you hundreds of online survey sites that will pay you to do surveys!

The small fee ended up being $24.00 to join this group, but I don't think I will have any problems getting my money back on this one. The down side is that you have to fill out the same information over and over again in order to get attached to these opinion groups. I have been filling out forms all day, and now I am receiving emails at my new email address to confirm, etc.

I know that some of these sites are not for me already, but I have high hopes that some surveys will come my way based on my demographics that I will be available for! Some of these site pay really well for your opinion, but you have to qualify first. I have done market researching in the past, and it was fun, and I did earn a few bucks, but I look forward to doing online and on my own time schedule.

I'll let you know how it works out!

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