Monday, April 27, 2009

How will April End?

April was not my best month as far as money goes, but I am actually quite fine with that! I was really surprised at the beginning of the month when my eHow articles started making money right away! I guess it is really just about certain articles doing better than others. I just finished a series this month about Pilates, and the articles have done fairly well. I think this really is the key to making money with ehow. You have to find a subject that is POPULAR, and not just some random BS that no one cares about and leaves useless comments about. Pilates are popular, and I have had many views, and my balance goes up daily, so I guess I am doing something right...

The new job is keeping me away from writing, I cannot tell a lie! As soon as I have a more regular routine and schedule, i will certainly start writing again on a few new idea that pop into my head as my days go on.

I appreciate any comments from followers, and I hope this post finds you all well and making money out there in Webland.



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