Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Effort will be worth it!

I definatley feel like I'm getting smarter as I do this! I have never learned so much about companies and computers so fast, but I'm proud of myself, though! I got a few banners up, as you can see. I think it's really cool how this program takes you step by step through the process and gives you all of the sites you need to sign up with. You need to be organized though, especially when saving sites under your favorites.

I have also found out that it is totally cool to promote the Program that I have been following. I know that may sound weird, but I was not sure if it was even legal to mention them! The program is called Web Colleagues, and they can explain what they do much easier than I can! The site to go to is http://www.webcolleagues.com/, and I will talk more about what they are teaching me to do in the future.

I will have to spend a little time writing an article today. My Sister, my Neice and I went out to lunch and a movie yesterday and saw Twilight. It was a really good movie, by the way. The experience at lunch gave me a great topic to write on and submit to a site. I'm going to call it "Is good service dead?"

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  1. It was certainly dead when we had lunch last Monday!!!!!! Movie was good though.